Three Movies and Some Takeout

We’ve got three movies on the slate for this week, two comedies and a film noir classic. First in line is About Time (2013) on Netflix.

This comes from the same guy who made Love Actually, one of our favorite Christmas rom-coms. If you don’t think that Rachel McAdams is adorable in this movie, you should get tested for coronavirus! Throw in a little bit of time travel (no spoilers here!) and you get a very enjoyable two hours. (Note to movie directors: save some money and make your film an hour and 45 minutes. Your audience will appreciate it.)

Next up is a comedy about comedy. Don’t Think Twice (2016) on Netflix is written, directed, and stars Mike Birbiglia, who also has some very funny comedy specials on Netflix.

Don’t Think Twice follows a fictional improv troupe as they try to hit the big time. Some make it, and some don’t, so you get a little conflict with your comedy. It looks like nobody saw this movie in theaters, so here’s a chance to watch it in your quarantine center.

Last, but not least, don’t miss one of our favorite film noir classics, D.O.A. (1950). You can watch it on YouTube.

While they are closed, our local theater is streaming classic noir every week. Search for Strand Marietta on YouTube if you want to watch. This movie reels you in from the opening scene:

Edmond O’Brien: “I’d like to report a murder.”

Cop: “Whose murder?”

Edmond O’Brien: “Mine!”

Things go downhill for O’Brien from there. There is the required setup and double cross. Throw in some bad guys and a loyal girlfriend, and you have the perfect recipe for the genre. And it only runs an hour and 23 minutes, so you can get back to that Tiger King show on Netflix in no time.

Take-Out Tuesday: Bamboo Bistro

We’ve got a really good Vietnamese restaurant right around the corner in our California neighborhood.

Ordering online is very easy. All we had to do is walk in (the door was already open) and pick up our bag. We like touch-less transactions. A few minutes later, we are ready to eat. First course, spring rolls.

We pick the tempura eggplant, cucumber, asparagus and avocado rolls because when you are in California, everything should have avocado. There are all sorts of “crunch” in the rolls. Everything is very fresh and these don’t last long. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of food left, like the House Special Clay Pot.

Rice, egg, snow peas, sauteed prawns, calamari, chicken, mushrooms and vegetables are usually served in a clay pot, but nowadays, we will settle for a nice plastic container. Are you salivating yet?

If you need more, there is the House Special Noodles, rice noodles with charbroiled prawns, BBQ pork, chicken, and a crispy egg roll. The noodles are buried under all of that meat. There’s a lot of sauces involved, which we order on the side. All are spicy, so we use them sparingly. This dish comes with a lot of protein, which makes it very filling. There is enough leftover to make a “house special” egg foo young the next day.

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