Barbecue: The Perfect Takeout

Is there a better thing to take out than barbecue? Maybe not. It travels well, and you can reheat it without causing too much damage to the original recipe. We have not visited Heirloom BBQ for awhile. We first reviewed it in 2013, which you can read here. Things were a lot different then in restaurant-world, but Heirloom has got this to-go thing figured out.

You order and pay online. You walk up to the restaurant and there are people outside who ask your name and then go inside to get your food. It’s all quick and touch-less, and you don’t even have to go inside. What could be easier? Their parking situation still stinks, but since nobody is eating there, it is much easier to get a space now.

The hardest thing about ordering from Heirloom is deciding what to get. We are joined in our quest tonight by our son and his lovely girlfriend, so that’s why you see so much food here. Ah, where to start? How about the wings…

Heirloom is American barbecue with a Korean twist. These come with a kimchi dipping sauce. Although I was unable to snag one, I hear that they are perfectly spiced.

I was able to snag a rib.

Speaking of perfect, the one I got was close to it. You can see the smoke ring that is left by their huge smokers. This is barbecue nirvana.

My date is in heaven with her selection, the Daily Special, which comes with one side.

The brisket sandwich comes with an onion ring and slaw on top. It’s piled so high that she could not eat both sides of the bun because she could not open up her mouth wide enough. The onion ring got a little soggy in transit. Has anyone figured out how to transport fried food without the steam from it making everything soggy?

And finally, the last main course, brisket.

It’s moist, with just the right amount of fat. I try, but cannot make brisket this good in my smoker. That’s why we pay the big bucks to eat Heirloom’s.

There were an abundance of sides tonight. The greens and the macaroni and cheese are fantastic.

And the Korean sweet potatoes in a soy-ginger sauce are a unique offering.

Anyone have room for dessert?

The banana pudding is worth the calories. It’s hard to find on the internet menu, but if it pops up while you are ordering, go for it.

This is BBQ that would make a vegetarian re-consider his food choices. I’m looking forward to our next Heirloom night!

What We’re Watching

Tonight’s movie is the sequel to The Kissing Booth, with a clever and original title. The Kissing Booth 2 is on Netflix and and you might need some Chapstick when you find out the length is two hours and eleven minutes.

However, fans of the first movie will want to pucker up and watch the whole thing. Star Joey King was made for teen rom-coms, and although she spends a lot of this movie crying, Netflix is onto a good thing here. There are three books in the Kissing Booth trilogy, so will we see Kissing Booth 3 in the future? We’re willing to bet 100 smackeroos that you will.

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