Friday Night Takeout: Mojave

There’s a place near the river in Sandy Springs that has been a million different restaurants. Anybody remember Olives? Or the short-lived reincarnation of Rio Bravo? Well, the folks who owned the Rose and Crown, the only successful restaurant in Cobb’s “Restaurant Graveyard” found themselves evicted from their restaurant because they tore down the entire graveyard. Every single building is gone. Good riddance! Look for housing that looks the same as every other apartment complex in Cobb County (with room for the Rose and Crown) soon!

Anyway, the Rose and Crown folks landed near the river with Mojave, which features a Latin-themed menu, but you can also get Rose and Crown favorites if you are dying for some fish and chips. However, once you see the Cuban sandwich and the burger, you might want to wait for the English pub food.

They use barbecue brisket and pork in their Cuban. Then they top it with cheese and pickles. We held the onion. This is half of the sandwich. Unless you are starving, you should probably share with your date. You are looking at heaven between bread. It’s a fantastic sandwich and a must-order if you go.

The burger is just as good.

It’s a hot mess of chorizo, ground chuck and ground brisket. Top it with cheese and a tasty tomato jam and you get an excellent burger. We also highly recommend this dish. Get the fries crispy, though as they do not travel well. Ours were a bit soggy by the time we got them home.

You are better off with the hush puppies.

You can get them as a side order, or you can opt for the lobster roll, which comes with them on the side. Check out those big chunks of lobster on that bun.

We also got a side order of plantains, because we could.

These stayed crispy and added a sweet touch to the heavy food we ordered. Ordering is done on the phone, where they take your credit card number. You can pull up to the restaurant, call them, and they will bring your food out and stick it in the back seat of your car. It’s touchless, fast, and easy. And the food we had was delicious…the first time. We liked it so much that we ordered more Cubans for the second time we took it home. These weren’t as good as the meat was somewhat dry. Hopefully, we just hit them on a bad night.

What We’re Watching

We gave up our Disney Plus after the first month. Total Hamilton views was four, so now we have seen the show live four times and the movie four times. Looks like we did not “throw away our shot” in taking advantage of that one-month Disney Plus subscription.

In honor of Olivia de Havilland’s death last week at the age of 104, we watched one of her lesser-known films, The Dark Mirror (1946, on You Tube). In the movie, she plays twins. Who is the good twin and who is evil? Detective Thomas Mitchell tries to find out in this film noir. At an hour and 20 minutes, it’s nice and short, and it keeps you riveted until the very end. de Havilland smokes so many cigarettes that you wonder how she made it to such a ripe old age. Maybe she quit after this movie.

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