Eat Like A Millionaire At Thaicoon

We don’t eat a lot of sushi here at Date Night, but we are going to eat a lot more. One of the reasons is that good, affordable sushi is so close to us on the Marietta Square.

There’s not much to the outside of Thaicoon, but we are just here to bring home the sushi. Evidently, there is no pandemic on this part of the Marietta Square. There is not much social distancing going on inside of the crowded restaurant. With no outdoor seating. we suggest you get yours to-go.

Sushi travels well because it doesn’t need any heat. Thaicoon features a Japanese and a Thai menu. We get something from both. The pictures are from two visits, so lucky you, it’s a sushi-palooza!

Where to start? How about some appetizers, like the basil rolls.

These things are prettier than the picture suggests. They are full of, wait for it…fresh basil. There is also shrimp and crab in there as well as rice noodles. They come with a sweet chili sauce for dipping. Here’s something we have never had before, the Golden Bag.

Somebody went through a lot of trouble to make these, wrapping shrimp and chicken in egg roll skin and then deep frying them. They must be very labor intensive, but kudos to Thaicoon for such a fun appetizer.

Before we get to the sushi, let’s sample some of the hot dishes from the Thai side of the menu.

We are suckers for fried rice because it’s so much better out than made at home. The combo fried rice features chicken, shrimp and pork. The fresh veggies were a nice touch.

On our next visit, we were a little more adventurous and tried the Pad Thai.

Looking at the pictures, you could call this “fried rice with noodles instead of rice”. It’s quite tasty, and since those are rice noodles, it’s basically the same flavors.

We think that Thaicoon’s strength is their sushi. It’s not too expensive, it’s very fresh, and it’s very photogenic. We prefer our sushi cooked, like the Spider Roll.

Soft-shell crab tempura and asparagus are featured inside of this roll. The Caterpillar Roll brings tuna tempura wrapped in shrimp and avocado.

I guess we should have taken a picture of the inside of the roll as well, but the outside is so pretty. There’s more beauty in the Caribbean Roll.

There’s fried shrimp in the middle of this roll, topped with avocado and red roe. Christmas on a plate?

We’ve got one more roll to show. Check out the unique color of the Nami Roll.

It’s got red snapper tempura along with asparagus and avocado inside. The unique pink wrap is soybean skin.

Hungry? You know you want some. Thaicoon takes phone orders only (they got both of ours correct) and pickup is quick, although you must pay for your food at the busy cash register. Don’t want to pick it up? If you live within three miles of the Marietta Square, delivery is free.

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