Red Hare Hits The Square

Happy New Year, and welcome to our first installment of 2021. Way down there on the Marietta Square, Red Hare brewery has opened up a beer tasting room, a restaurant and a distillery.

The square is the wooded area in the middle of the picture. Yes, we recently got a drone. It doesn’t take good food pictures, but it does take great aerial shots wherever you can fly it.

Anyway, back on ground level, we can walk to Red Hare whenever we want since it’s quite close to our home base.

It used to be Hemmingway’s, which was a dump with unremarkable food, so already this is an improvement. And to make things even better, they distill gin, vodka and rum right in the front. We have already bought a bottle of each. They make excellent gifts.

What a location. Right on the Marietta Square, it’s the perfect place for a beer garden. When the weather is warm, these tables are full.

The food is contracted out to Mojito’s, a Cuban restaurant that’s out in Peachtree Corners.

Belly up to the bar, place your order, and they bring the food out to your table. Most importantly, you instantly get your beer.

From lighter IPA to their Sticky Stout, there’s something for every beer taste. However, we would like to see Long Day Lager, the beer that started it all for Red Hare, served here. Get rid of the tap with the sour beer and go retro. Don’t like beer? All of those distilled spirits can be mixed up into fancy drinks.

We are here today at lunch, celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Cobb County Dining Society with our pals Stefanie and Bill. That means you get extra food shots with this review. Let’s start with the Cubano, which is a Cuban food standard.

It’s pretty simple: pork, ham, pickles and mustard on the proper Cuban bread. They do a nice job with their sandwich press.

Don’t like pork? You can get the turkey version of the Cuban.

It’s got the same ingredients, but turkey replaces all of the swine. Here’s an interesting sandwich, the Elena Ruth.

It’s a turkey sandwich, but they add cream cheese and strawberry jelly to it. The bread is sweeter than the standard Cuban bread. This is a nice brunch-time meal. You get the best of breakfast and lunch at the same time. For a good time, add an order of plantains as your side. It’s an excellent fried treat.

We’ve got one more sandwich, the Croqueta Preparada.

This one puts ham croquets between the bread. We all enjoy our lunches. We had gone on a long walk through Marietta before we ate and we definitely came hungry. The sandwiches are probably better for lunch than dinner, but if you need a snack in the afternoon while having a beer, they are good bar food.

Still hungry? A short walk away, we have a new place for dessert. We’ll visit there in our next installment.

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