A Place Where It’s All Good

On a quiet street near Kennestone Hospital is a Good restaurant.

It’s a good thing that we had a good time at Good. Otherwise, this reviewer would have to come up with some different adjectives to describe our meal. During the pandemic, Good added a lot of good outdoor seating. They extended their deck way into the front yard and put more tables on the lawn.

But enough “Architectural Digest” talk. How is the food? Well, it’s really, really…good. We are here with our Cobb County Dining Society pals Stefanie and Bill for a lovely lunch, so you get extra photos in this post.

The most-asked question at Good has to be “what is a zoodle?”

Zoodles are zucchini noodles. Add meatballs and tomato sauce and you have a very healthy Italian meal that’s good for you. You can mix things up and get your noodles Thai-style or even in a kale pesto sauce.

Or you could pick the “grass-fed” cheeseburger with a side of bone broth.

I am having a lot of trouble seeing how they could have fed grass to this burger, but it does look like a tasty treat. Want something lighter? Try the avocado BLT salad.

You can add salmon or chicken to the salad if you want something heartier. I got salmon on top of my piccata bowl.

Although it looks like grits, that’s actually parmesan mashed cauliflower under the fish filet. Close your eyes and you would swear that those are cheese grits.

We had such a good meal at Good that we decided to come back a couple of weeks later with our solo offspring. That gives you even more pictures. He ordered the honey hot chicken sandwich.

We really should stage our photos better as this looks like “the attack of the killer romaine lettuce”. The chicken is sweet and spicy at the same time. Check out that side of Brussels sprouts that you can get with your hot chicken. If you don’t want the sandwich, you can get the whole thing as a wrap.

The wrap has carrots, lettuce and blue cheese to complement the chicken. I’m a wimp and didn’t get the spicy version of the wrap, so the cheese seemed to overpower everything in it. Still, a delightfully good lunch.

The bottom line on Good: It is really all good. You can get those healthy zoodles, or a variety of other things that will make you feel healthy after eating them. Or you can get a burger. Whatever you pick, you are going to find something good at Good.

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