New Digs for the Red Eyed Mule

What do you do when your landlord tells you that you have six weeks to move your restaurant because you are being evicted? Well, that’s what happened to the nice people at the Red Eyed Mule at the end of 2018 when they basically got thrown out of their old building. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending.

The Mule landed a couple of miles away in an old Huddle House.

They did a nice refurbish, and you can no longer smell bacon and waffles.

Picture taken before coronavirus.

However, you still can order bacon and waffles here. And biscuits. We really must do breakfast here as it’s only about a mile from our new house in Marietta.

Picture taken before coronavirus.

We visited the Mule in February, just before the coronavirus shut them down for a few months. They are back, with a socially distanced dining room and a lot more outdoor seating.

They have also changed the flow so that everyone enters from one area and leaves from another. If only the customers could follow the exit signs, but that’s another discussion. Our food pics are from more than one visit as we have gone a few times since they reopened.

Here’s a tip: if you go on a Friday, their special is usually the meat loaf sandwich with fries.

They cook the meat loaf and then they smoke it out back. You can usually smell the smoker as you walk in. This is not your mom’s meat loaf. Because it’s smoked, it’s much better. (Hope my mom doesn’t read this, but she used ketchup on hers and I never really liked it.). The sandwich is served with lettuce and tomato and a secret sauce. This is an excellent lunch and it’s not as messy as the burger we enjoyed at the old building in 2016.

Eve tries something a bit more healthy.

Substitute chicken and bacon for the meat loaf and you get another great lunch. However, you read it here: the meat loaf is much better.

Because everything is served on Texas toast, the sandwiches tend to look the same. You can fill your Texas toast with chicken salad as well.

No onions, just the way we like things here at Date Night. The sandwiches are big. You could split them if you wanted to. You can also order the BLT. The Farmers BLT comes with a fried egg. It’s breakfast between bread.

There is a ton of bacon in this sandwich. It’s crispy and so good. Speaking of crispy, order your sweet potato fries that way.

Everything we have eaten at the Mule has been great. We feel really comfortable with the outdoor seating as we are still not eating indoors. Things should start to get interesting when the weather cools off. It will probably limit us to to-go orders until the spring.

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