More Marietta Square Market Meanders

Ever since this COVID thing happened, Date Night has avoided indoor eating like it’s day-old sushi. However, we will mask up, go indoors, order and then eat outside. Sometimes we bring it home. One of our favorite places to eat outdoors is the Marietta Square Market. They have put a lot of tables on the large deck that surrounds the building. As an added bonus, they are heated, which got us through some winter meals. A favorite has been the Cuban cuisine from D’Cuban Cafe.

They have a daily special, which is usually the Cuban bowl. Rice, beans, plantains and chicken with onions and peppers make up your bowl. We don’t love the peppers and onions, but our son loves this bowl.

Want something more traditional like a Cuban sandwich?

Quick…which one is turkey and which one is pork? The pork is on the right. Make sure you get an order of fried plantains with your sandwich.

Would you rather have Cajun? A few stalls down is Just Loaf’N Po’ Boys, perhaps the only food stall with two apostrophes in their name. On Fat Tuesday we tried to order online for pickup. Their web site was screwed up and we couldn’t, but undeterred, we ordered in person. Let’s jump right to the star of our meal, the soft shelled crab po’ boy.

We reheated it after we got home and it was pretty good. It was probably better 15 minutes earlier when it came off of the fryer. The hush puppies are uninspiring and not worth ordering if they don’t come with your sandwich.

To complement our Mardis Gras, we get some sides of jambalaya (left) and gumbo.

The jambalaya needed more meat. It was mostly a bowl of seasoned rice. The gumbo was full of chicken, shrimp and sausage. Watch out for chicken bones in the gumbo. It’s not too spicy, but it does have a kick.

All of that Cajun spice needs a bit of sweetness.

Blueberry King Cake is a Mardi Gras specialty that is only available once a year. They bring this in from New Orleans and it’s a fun treat.

Just in time for Easter, Henri’s Bakery has their spring cookies in the case.

Guess which one we got. It’s not that hard…

This is one sweet, photogenic cookie. Make sure you have your dentist on speed dial before you eat it.

Would you rather have pie? Everybody likes pie. Don’t forget that The Pie Spot is just around the corner off of the Marietta Square.

On a recent visit, the peanut butter pie was really good. Of course anything with an Oreo crust is good. Enjoy!

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