Take Out Thursday: The Eating Spot

There’s a new restaurant, which is about 150 steps from Date Night’s Marietta headquarters. Maybe April wasn’t the best time to open up a restaurant, but wait–this spot is “to-go” only. It’s probably the perfect place for the times, especially since it’s so close to us.

It’s in an old building that has been many things during its life. Now it’s the place that “Chef Q” works his magic. We didn’t take a picture inside, but there’s a small waiting area where you can basically watch the chef cook your dinner.

We called our dinner in and around twenty minutes later it was ready. Everything travelled well because it certainly didn’t have to travel far. Honestly, we had it home in two minutes. Let’s see what we delivered.

When you order an entree, it comes with two sides. Eve gets the BBQ chicken breast. There’s a lot of tasty chicken on the plate. For sides, she orders Brussels sprouts and herb roasted potatoes. The sprouts are really good. After he sautés them, Chef Q puts them into the deep fryer for a couple of minutes, which really adds to the flavor. As we learned a long time ago, everything is better after spending time in a deep fryer. The taters are also well-cooked, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with a nice flavor from the spices.

I go with the meat loaf. There’s a lot of food on this plate for $12. We were on a long bike ride earlier in the day and I am hungry. Yes, I ate the whole thing. You can tell a lot about a place by their macaroni and cheese. It has more than one kind of cheese and it’s made with a lot of love. I do like the spices that they put on their veggies. They even make the mundane green bean taste good.

We suppose that we should show the food plated. First the chicken:

And now the meat loaf:

The two of us ate royally for under $25. We don’t think they are charging enough, but we won’t tell. If you live near the Marietta Square, the Eating Spot is definitely a spot you should check out.

What We Are Watching

There’s only one thing you should be watching this week: Hamilton, on Disney Plus.

Yep, we paid $7 a month to get Disney Plus just so we could watch the movie. But considering that we have paid over $400 to see the show live, look at the bargain. The movie is fabulous. We have seen Hamilton live four times, and this is just like being in the “Room Where it Happens”. Filmed during a live performance in 2016, it’s actually better than live because you see angles from the show that you will never see in the theater. And you can watch it over and over, yet it will still cost you $7 as long as you remember to cancel Disney after the first month. Unless you have a house full of adolescents, who would really like their other programming.

2 thoughts on “Take Out Thursday: The Eating Spot

  1. Those Brussels sprouts look amazing! I also enjoyed Hamilton this week, having never seen it before (too cheap to pay those prices!). Hoping more Broadway shows follow this route to bring their shows to the masses.

  2. We had never seen Hamilton – refused to see it at Fox – terrible acoustics there. Broadway tix too pricey for us. That said…..the movie is beyond STUPENDOUS!!!! And yes, well worth the $7 or now $9.95 month for Disney+. If any of you have not seen it, or have and want ‘more’, I recommend putting on Close Captioning on your TV for a viewing. We did and were so glad we did. I have now listened to the soundtrack like 20 times since last Saturday. I can see why Roger & Eve couldn’t get enough and splurged several times for tix!! Excited to watch it again and again and maybe again!

    Oh, and the food looks yummy! : )

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