Roto Chicken To-Go

Welcome back to the best food blog that nobody reads. This week’s Takeout Tuesday happens to fall on el Cinco de Mayo, so let’s get a whole chicken and some sides from one of our favorite SOCAL Mexican joints, La Fogata. It’s located about 2/10 mile from our California hunker-down bunker.

The chicken is HUGE. There is no other description.

We get two dinners and two lunches from it. Now that’s good value for your takeout money. Not such a good idea is the nachos.

Nachos to go just don’t work. Even though we eat them right after we get home, the chips are soggy and the cheese is hard. Maybe we should have stuck them under the broiler for a couple of minutes before we dined.

The side dishes are pretty basic: beans and rice.

On the plate, it all looks pretty tasty.

What we liked: The chicken made the meal. It remains one of the best birds in this part of the state.

What we didn’t like: Soggy nachos. They couldn’t find our order when I went to pick it up. It was sitting on the counter with two other orders, but the guy couldn’t figure it out. We ordered black beans, but got pinto beans. They didn’t give us the guac or salsa that was supposed to go with the chicken. They said they were out.

Comedies of the Week

Sure…we’ve been watching a lot of rom-coms, but this week we decided to change this category a bit and just make it “comedies”. We watched two really funny movies this week. The first is Mr. Right (2015) on Netflix.

Anna Kendrick is made for comedies. In this one, she dates a hit man (Sam Rockwell in a big departure from his recent TV role as Bob Fosse) and hijinks ensue. This one kept us laughing for much of the ninety-minute run time. It’s very funny. Hardly anyone saw this movie at the box office, but due to the magic of streaming, you can see it at home in living color.

Also on our screen this week is Good Boys (2019, HBO). Thanks to avid Date Night reader Mags McDee for recommending this one.

We’ll describe this as a children’s movie that’s not for kids. However, it kept these adults laughing for a long time. If you were ever in the sixth grade, this movie is for you. It was a box office hit last year. Sorry we didn’t see it then.

Film Noir of the Week

We’ve got a good one this week, The Woman in the Window (1944 on YouTube because the copyright has expired).

Evidently, this movie is the “Father of Film Noir”. It’s the one that started the genre. Although the ending is horrible (it had to be re-shot because the censors did not like the original ending), you can see the camera and lighting techniques that would be used in hundreds of noirs to follow. A couple of weeks ago, we watched Scarlet Street, which is the next film Robinson and Bennett made together. It’s almost the exact same movie. The performances were better in Woman, but the ending of Scarlet Street makes much more sense.

One thought on “Roto Chicken To-Go

  1. Hey ~
    Thanks for the shout out! Glad you liked Good Boys. I’ve recommended it to several folks and they see ’12 year old boys’ and then pass on it. Obviously ya”ll agree…..their loss on lots of laughs!
    Hope ya’ll are still on for mid May return home. Safe travels.

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