Belly Up to the Pie Bar

We certainly like our desserts here at Date Night. We don’t eat a lot of them, so when we do, we want good desserts. Call them our “just desserts” if you will. Recently, the Pie Bar opened at the far tip of the Marietta Square area.

We aren’t kidding when we say far tip. The space is actually shaped like a triangle (or a pie wedge if you will). It used to be a grungy tattoo parlor, and looks a lot better than it used to. Can you still hear the echos of teenaged girls and their moms getting matching tattoos?

Anyway, they sell sweet and savory pies here. The good (sweet) stuff is the first thing you see when you walk in the door. We’ll get to dessert in a moment, but first let’s have some rosemary chicken pot pie.

Take your frozen pie home, throw it in the oven (this is the smaller six-inch size) and in around 90 minutes, you have a meal for two.

Look at that golden brown crust. The whole house smells like rosemary. Cut into it and it looks like this:

The sauce is tasty and there’s plenty of chicken. This is a good pot pie. However, Paul’s Pot Pies, which is right down the street, sells a better pot pie for $2 less. Paul’s makes their own. The Pie Bar sells a third-party vendor’s pie. Lucky us, though, because Paul’s only sells savory pies. If you want sweet pie, and that’s where Pie Bar excels.

We tried slices of two pies, the peach (top) and the apple streusel. You can buy a full pie or as many slices as you like. The peach crumble is seasonal and can only be had in the summer. It tastes just like a hunk of freshly baked peach cobbler. Evidently, we got one of the last slices until next year, so eat your hearts out until June. (As I write this, the current seasonal is S’mores Pie.) The apple is always on the menu. For further decadence, they drizzle it with caramel. This is a very enjoyable dessert. There’s a lot of love baked into each pie and I would have had another piece if it was available. Fortunately for my waistline, we only bought two.

The bottom line on Pie Bar: Our advice is to stick to the sweet stuff here and go around the corner to Paul’s if you want the savory stuff. There are two Pie Bar locations, this one in Marietta and another in Kennesaw. We just touched on two of the many pies you can try. We’ll be back to sample the peanut butter cream pie for sure. You know you want some…enjoy!

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