Kabob Land

Date Night gets invited to lunch at Kabob Land. We are right in the middle of Buckhead, at Piedmont and Peachtree.
Late-night weekend partiers must love this place because it’s open until 4AM on Fridays and Saturdays. They should take Uber because the parking situation here is not ideal.

They have a hookah area if you are into that.
We are not. The restaurant is in a small space that they share with the larger Red Pepper Taqueria next door.
You can eat it here, or as we observe, many get it to go. What you need to know about Kabob Land is that Chef Matt Iyibas is here. He used to be at the helm of Rumi’s Kitchen and has been here about six months.
As we will see, Chef Matt can cook. Everything you are about to see in our food photos is made here. The chef is nice enough to give us samples of many items on the menu. Let’s start with a plate of sides.
You have probably had many of these before, but we bet you haven’t had what’s in the middle. Starting with the grape leaves, we have hummus, white beans, maast-o khiar (yogurt, cucumbers and dill), babaghanoush, and falafel. All are delicious, and very fresh. In the middle of the plate is the mohamarra, which is walnuts, pomegranate paste, olive oil and breadcrumbs. There’s probably some red pepper in there too. This makes the dish crunchy from the nuts, sweet from the pomegranate, and spicy from the pepper. The sweet taste hits first, then the pepper kicks in. Chef Matt tells us that this is a Syrian dish that you are not going to find on a menu anywhere else in Atlanta. That’s why you have to try it when you visit. We recommend the sampler platter where you can try four of the sides.

The meats are marinated and then grilled in the kitchen. You can eat very healthy here.
The place is called Kabob Land. Let’s explore the kabobs, which are available as a platter with a side of rice and salad.
Starting at the one o’clock position is the beef, followed by the beef koobideh (ground beef), lamb, chicken, chicken barg, salmon and shrimp. Eve likes the shrimp the best and would definitely eat a kabob-full of these. I like the salmon. All are very tender from the marinades. You barely need a knife to cut them, especially the beef.

Like to dip your kabob in a sauce?
From garlic to cool yogurt to spicy, Chef Matt makes his own. The meat is so good that you may not even need the sauce.

We would have loved some baklava after this meal, but unfortunately it wasn’t ready yet. This will give us a good excuse to go back. Before you go, you can watch our 20-second exclusive Tastemade video here.

The bottom line on Kabob Land: Excellent, fresh cooking. There are some things on the menu that you aren’t going to find anywhere else. If only they were in a better location. You can’t make a left turn into the lot and you can only valet park. Does anyone want to valet park during lunch? If you work in one of the many high-rises in the area, you can certainly get yours to-go. Anyway, if you can figure out a way to get there, it’s definitely worth a visit for those seeking good Mediterranean food.

Disclosure time: Our visit to Kabob Land was a media event and we did not pay for our meal. Our words, however, are priceless. Thanks to Chef Matt for the excellent lunch and for explaining to us what everything was that he served. And thanks to Emily Connolly of Melissa Libby and Associates for the invitation.

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