We Dim Sum, We Gain Some at Canton House

Date Night does not get over to the Buford Highway much.  It’s so hard to get there from our headquarters in Marietta.  Believe it or not, this is our first post from a Buford Highway restaurant.  We were in the neighborhood and it was time to eat.  Wanting some dim sum, I did some internet research and all signs pointed to the Canton House.

It is lunch time and the crowds are down. Evidently, you can’t get in here on the weekends.

We feel a bit overwhelmed. We have done dim sum before and we know we are going to eat “sum” of this and “sum” of that.

The servers are helpful, but there is a bit of a language barrier here. That could be why we wind up with a lot of food that looks similar. The first thing we try is the sticky fried rice.

We could have stopped here and gone home overjoyed. This is an incredibly flavorful dish, probably our favorite of the meal. It all sticks together as advertised.

They use a lot of pork stuffing here. You will see a lot of it on today’s date. Like the pork stuffed mushroom.

This one was also well-liked. The server threw the pork stuffed pepper in as a freebie.

The pork spare ribs are interesting.

Visually, steamed ribs are not very appetizing. However, they cook these for a long time and they are pretty tender. We do prefer the traditional Chinese spareribs, but these are pretty good.

The shrimp dumplings are full of…shrimp.

The shrimp taste very fresh. The dumpling is hot and steaming and tastes like they just made it.

Staying with the shrimp theme, we choose something with a little crunch.

These look like egg rolls, but are actually a shrimp toast. They are hot and “crispy-licious”. Eve comes up with that term while we are crunching away on the dish.

Evidently, we didn’t order enough ground pork earlier, so we get more.

One is a chicken and pork shumai (green wrapper) and the other is pork and shrimp shumai (yellow wrapper). Knowing how good that shrimp toast is, we probably should have only tried one of these and gone with another crispy dish.

We ask for something sweet to end the meal and they bring us sesame buns.

Is it sort of like a Chinese donut?

Inside is a sweet red bean filling. The whole thing is fried and covered with sesame seeds. It is sweet, but not overly so. It’s a nice way to end what turns out to be a huge lunch.

The cost of all this food? Our whole lunch was around $25 with tax and tip. There’s good value on the Canton House dim sum cart.

The bottom line on Canton House: It will probably be years, but we would love to go back. We love sampling small amounts of many different foods, so this is right up our alley. Nobody orders off of the menu. Just wait patiently and that cart will come around and deliver some great Asian cooking.

Canton House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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