Gordon Biersch: 4/13/12

Date Night makes a rare chain visit downtown to the Gordon Biersch brewery. We’ve got an event across the street and we have to get some dinner, so we hit the Biersch for some food, and some of their house-made beer. We have been to some company parties here, and we have always liked the beer and party food at the location on Peachtree.

Get your beer at the Biersch.

It’s pretty empty when we arrive at 5:30. We get a good table by the window in the front, and are greeted by our waitress, who we find out is working only her second shift alone in her Biersch career. This does not bode well for date night, and she doesn’t tell us about the happy hour specials, even though we ask about them, so we cannot report if we missed a beer deal. Biersch has six beers at any time and one seasonal beer.

Some of the beer selections.

They make the beer right there on the second floor, and you can see the beer making apparatus from the restaurant. We start out with a marzen and their seasonal beer, a maibock which they just tapped this week.

Maibock vs. Marzen. Maibock wins tonight's beer challenge.

The maibock is the better of the two, and the 7.5% alcohol content makes Eve a happy camper in no time.

It’s appetizer time, and we go for the Southwest Egg Rolls. Inside the fried wonton is chicken, beans, corn, red pepper, and jack cheese. There’s a jalapeño ranch sauce for dipping on the side.

Southwest Egg Rolls. The jalapeño sauce packs a punch.

As you can imagine, the sauce had a kick. These were delicious, and with the cold beer, they were a good way to start our Biersch-fest.

It’s time to order dinner, and as usual, we look for something to share. We decide on the house made tacos, a signature dish made with lobster and shrimp.

Lobster and shrimp tacos. This is a half of an order.

The lobster and the shrimp are inside of a crispy blue corn tortilla and all of that is inside a soft flour tortilla, so you get a bit of crunch in what would normally be a soft taco. This order split quite nicely and it did not stay on the plate for long.

Because we shared our meal, we have the room and the calories for dessert. We save the best for last and order a chocolate mousse cupcake.

Chocolate decadence: The chocolate mousse cupcake.

Dessert is a chocolate cupcake that they cut in half and put chocolate mousse in the middle. The whole thing is topped with fudge, caramel, and chocolate chips. Every bite is full of chocolate in a different form. It does not last long.

We did such a good job, they won't have to wash this plate.

Date Night enjoyed our Biersch-fest. The beer is good, and the food was tasty as well. The chocolate mousse cupcake was the highlight of the night. It’s only available in April and May, so if you must have one, get in there while it’s still on the menu!

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