Chick-a-Biddy: 12/20/13

Date Night finds us in Atlantic Station for the penultimate date of 2013. We don’t come to Atlantic Station much, probably because we are always more tempted by the “shiny objects” on the Westside and Atlantic Station is so mall-like. Our last date here was a fun time at Yard House (Date Night #34, 6/15/12), and we haven’t been back since. Tonight, it’s dinner and a movie in reverse, with “American Hustle” (great acting, slow at times, Jennifer Lawrence steals the show) followed by dinner.
Across the street from the movie theater sits Chick-a-Biddy, an offshoot of Bantam and Biddy in Ansley Park.
It’s bright and cheerful inside. There is an enclosed outdoor area that must be nice in warmer weather. There are heaters on the patio and people are braving the elements to eat outside.

There are four beers on draft. Eve gets one of them.
The Anchor Steam Christmas Ale (left) comes from San Francisco. It’s got a hoppy finish, and a strong body. It’s a good beer to drink this time of year. My beer is a Samuel Smith Chocolate Stout. It’s organic, so it must be good for me. The smell of chocolate hits you before you drink the beer. It’s like a Hershey bar in a glass.

You can get dishes from flatbreads to plantain chips on the appetizer menu, cleverly named “Itty Biddys”. We skip the apps and go straight to the “Big Ol’ Biddy” entrees. With a name like Chick-a-Biddy, there is only one thing you want to get here–chicken.
Your chicken can be ordered fried or wood-grilled. We mix it up between the two. Eve gets the quarter of the wood-grilled chicken. It’s nice and moist, but there is not a lot of the wood flavoring in there. It comes with two sides from a choice of about ten. Are those soft, tasty Brussels sprouts on the plate? Yes, and they are probably the best thing in this order. The other side is a mixture of wood-grilled veggies. Nice and healthy, but if you look at the picture, it’s a rather scrawny-looking side. Bad plating, perhaps?
Tonight, one of us eats unhealthy and that person is me. I opt for the soul food option with the chicken and waffles. It comes with three tender chicken strips on top of a fairly-dense waffle. The waffle is a good consistency as you can dump on lots of syrup and it stays crispy. The waffle is actually better than the chicken. I would have liked this better if there were real chicken pieces on top instead of the strips, which seem rather chintzy in proportion to the waffle. The dish is good, but I didn’t feel like I was getting enough chicken with those three little strips.

We are mulling over dessert when our server brings us the check. I guess she didn’t want us to sample some of the cupcakes on the menu, which are provided by an “outside vendor”. That’s OK, because during the holiday season, Date Night should probably be watching our waistlines and saving our calories for Christmas parties.
The Bottom Line on Chick-a-Biddy: Adequate. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t knock our socks off, which is what Date Night strives for when we go out. Yard House, which is right across the street, has a fantastic beer list, better food, and is priced about the same. Go there instead as Chick-a-Biddy does not give us a lot to cluck about.
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