The Bishop

It’s my birthday, and tonight we celebrate our favorite way. Our best dates start at a brewery and end with a good dinner. Throw in three other couples and we have ourselves quite the quadruple date.
Wild Heaven is one of the newest breweries to open in Atlanta. They have been brewing for a few years in South Carolina and they finally opened their brewery and tasting area in Avondale Estates in 2014.
They took an old building and turned it into a fun space. I was tasked with taking pictures of the inside, and blew my assignment. We can blame this on too much birthday beer.
For $12, you get six tastes of fantastic Belgian-style beer that is high in alcohol. And you get to keep your glass. My favorite is the quadruple Eschaton, which is basically the day after the end of the world. It might be the end of the world if you drink too much of this 10.5% beer. Other favorites are the lighter Invocation (8.5%) and the coffee-infused Ode to Mercy (8.2%). We drive here from Marietta and we can report that this brewery is worth the drive. This is some of the best Belgian beer being made in the ATL right now, the other being right down the street at Three Taverns.

And right down the street we go, not to Three Taverns, but to The Bishop for dinner.
It’s located in that charming “olde towne” area of Avondale Estates that makes you want to end everything with an “e” and then go see some Shakespeare.
Inside, it’s much more modern, with a nice mix of stone, wood and glass. Think modern gastropub since food and drink are important here. The Southern-inspired menu is not huge, which allows them to concentrate on doing things right. Their beer list is done correctly as well, with only the locals on tap. You can even get wine on tap, which two members of our party try.

Since there are eight of us tonight, our readers are going to get loads of food pictures. We go through a lot of food.
Let’s start with the House Chips. Thinly-sliced Yukon gold potatoes are fried and seasoned. Simple, yet crunchy and delicious.
The knife and fork deviled eggs are easy to share. They are topped with bacon, which imparts a smoky taste.
Isn’t our last appetizer pretty? The southern picnic board features bacon, pimento cheese, cream cheese with pepper jelly, veggies and crackers. It doesn’t get much more southern than this. My favorite part is the bacon, but guys seem to like as much bacon as possible.

If you have to go to the bathroom between courses, here’s something fun.
They reuse empty tequila bottles for the soap. I get a kick out of that.

Back in the dining room, check out our main courses. All are gorgeous. One is a surefire hit.
The trout almandine features moist, flaky fish with green beans, potatoes and almonds. I do not snag any of this, but I hear it is delicious.
The fall risotto comes full of squash and other seasonal veggies. It’s beautifully presented.
Eve gets another vegetarian dish, the grilled cauliflower. It comes with tapenade and a tomato ragu. This is an interesting combination of taste sensations and ingredients. The cauliflower has just a little crunch. You probably would not combine these ingredients at home, but this dish works.
My dinner is something else that really works, the burger. That’s what it’s called on the menu, just “the burger”, and I add the optional fried egg because it is my birthday. You can pair it with the house chips, but we ordered those as an appetizer, so I go healthy with a salad. This is one of the best burgers I have had in a long time. The Brasstown Beef is so good and this burger is so fresh.
Here’s the star of the night, the smoked fried chicken, of which I am lucky enough to get a piece. Did I mention that it’s my birthday? They start it in the smoker and finish it in the fryer. You get the best of both worlds: smoky chicken inside and crispy skin on the outside. This is one amazing plate of fried chicken, well worth the calories. Don’t miss this when you go.
They bring us an adorable cake for dessert which gets split eight ways. What a fabulous time we have at The Bishop.

The Bottom Line on The Bishop: A little bit of Decatur in Avondale Estates. So far, the residents have kept it to themselves, but we are letting the secret out. This place has something for everyone, whether it’s drinks, that amazing chicken, or even something vegetarian. Good food and good times were had by all. It’s worth the drive. Don’t forget to go to Wild Heaven first, or get their beer on draft at the restaurant. If you live in the area, it’s a must-visit, on your birthday or any other day.
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  1. Thanks for another great recommendation – this one would have to be a “road trip” for us! I really enjoy Ode to Mercy beer too.

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