Legends Steakhouse, Florence, AL

Our coverage of Florence Restaurant week continues with a walk on the Wilson Dam. We are out of cycling clothes, so for our calorie burning event of the day we hike from one side of the Tennessee River to the other. It’s much easier than swimming.
Construction on The Wilson Dam began in 1918 and finished in 1924. It provides electricity for most of this region. It’s a long walk across the dam and its two locks.
DSC04261 (1)
The dam is legendary in Florence. Every restaurant that we have been to displays at least one picture of it.

Also legendary in Florence is the city’s ties to music. W.C. Handy, the father of the blues was born here. There’s a nice statue of him in a nearby park.
IMG_3131 (1)
Sam Phillips, the cat who discovered Elvis, and some call the “father of Rock and Roll” was born in Florence as well.
He’s got a street named after him and a nice plaque in the park near our hotel.

So in honor of the legends who have passed through Florence (and there’s a lot of them who have made records in nearby Muscle Shoals), we eat our last meal at Legends Steakhouse before heading home to Atlanta.

Legends is part of a small chain, most of which are a few miles away in Tennessee. Astute readers will notice that the Wilson Dam is immortalized in a fountain right outside of the restaurant.
There's pictures of the dam inside too.
If the weather is nice, you can sit outside.
We sit inside, because that's where the cool kids sit and evidently, it's also where the action is. One of the good things about living in a smaller town is that everybody knows each other. And one of the bad things about living in a smaller town is that everybody knows each other. Everybody at Legends seems to have previously met. They know that we are not from around here, but it doesn't matter. Our fellow diners are as friendly as can be.

There are a lot of regulars here, and we know why: the meat and two lunch special. For less than seven bucks you get a ton of food, including a roll and cornbread. Today, the pork chops are on special, which puts them under six dollars. Grilled or fried? It's a tough choice. I am leaning towards grilled until I see a plate full of fried chops go by.
IMG_2600 (1)
I can eat healthy when we get home. For now, I load up on those pork chops, which are excellent. The secret is in the breading. The creamed corn is sweet and tasty.

Eve is eating healthy at this meal. Well, sort of healthy.
IMG_2599 (1)
She gets the chicken breast, which is nicely seasoned with a lemon pepper. The fried green tomatoes are delicious. We both like the breading on them too. The broccoli casserole is my way of eating broccoli because it's much better than boring, steamed broccoli.

As one of my sides, I choose the fruit casserole.
IMG_2602 (1)
It's like a cobbler. We see a lot of peaches in it, and taste a lot of pineapple. It's sweet, but it's a good way to end a heavy meal with a lot of fried food.

Watch the food at Legends come alive with our exclusive Tastemade video, which you can watch here.

Before we head for home, we should mention that Restaurant Week has officially started, so if you are in Florence, head downtown and start eating. And vote for your favorite charity, because it could win them five thousand dollars. That’s not too shabby, and we know the charities will spend the money wisely.

We should also give some props to the Marriott at the Shoals, our home for the last two nights. We made a Tastemade video at the Marriott that you can watch here.

As we cross the O’Neal Bridge over the Tennessee River one more time on our way to Atlanta, we reminisce about all of the wonderful food we ate in Florence, and what it did to our waistlines!
IMG_3132 (1)
You will not go hungry here. There are so many choices for dining downtown, all in a small area. You can walk from place to place, and parking is only 25 cents an hour! (It’s four dollars an hour in downtown Atlanta.) We only ate at five restaurants while we were here. For reviews of the other participating restaurants for Restaurant Week, stay tuned to our friends Sarah at The Jealous Crumpet and Christi at Dirt Plate for their take on Florence.

Disclosure time: Since we are guests of Florence Main Street, we did not pay for our meal at Legends Steakhouse or for our hotel room in Florence. Our words, however, are priceless. Thanks to Christina for the invite and to the Marriott at the Shoals for the excellent hotel accommodations.

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