Going Tapas in East Cobb

Back when we were worker bees, a TV anchor was told by producers that a crime suspect had gone to a tapas bar. Not understanding fully, the anchor then told the viewers that the suspect was in a “topless” bar. True story. Tonight, Date Night goes to a tapas bar in East Cobb that certainly defines the genre in this part of town.

Believe it or not, Red Sky is about to celebrate their tenth anniversary. It’s really close to Date Night headquarters and we do pop in from time to time. When Red Sky invited us to sample some of the menu, we quickly accepted. Let’s belly up to the bar and see what’s on the menu.

We actually sit in a booth.

On this Monday night, it’s pretty quiet. This is the hot spot of East Cobb on Friday and Saturday when they do dueling pianos.

Sangria, made right here is the drink special tonight ($4). It’s very refreshing on a hot day.

And we get lucky and take a really good picture of it. We can save you some more money: if you come between 4-6:30PM, the tapas are discounted. And there are all sorts of drink specials throughout the week. There are too many to list here, but visit their web site before you visit Red Sky.

We seem to order too much food when we do tapas as we never know how big the portion sizes are. Sarah, one of Red Sky’s owners, explains that most tables order 2-3 plates per person. We wind up getting six, which is a lot of food. First up is something that has been on the Red Sky menu for all ten years, the lobster and roasted corn dip.

This is one of our favorites tonight. The filling dip goes perfectly with the generous portion of crunchy chips. We run out of dip before we run out of chips. An excellent start.

There is an art to slicing tuna that I have not mastered. Red Sky has figured it out with their blackened ahi tuna.

The siracha mayo is an excellent topping, giving the sashimi-grade tuna a little kick.

Along with the tuna, we get calamari delivered to our table.

The calamari is lightly breaded, crispy and hot. It comes with a sweet Thai chili sauce that is excellent for dipping.

Red Sky has also mastered the creamy mushroom risotto.

This is rich and decadent and is probably the ultimate Italian comfort food. It is also very filling.

We are getting pretty full, but there’s one more dish before dessert. More comfort food is on the way, the tenderloin macaroni and cheese.

This is good, but it tastes a lot like the lobster dip that we started with. That’s our fault for not paying closer attention to what we order.

We are pretty full, but are told that the tres leches cake was just made today. It is too hard to resist.

Keeping it in the family, Sarah’s sister makes the desserts at Red Sky. I wanted to lick the plate, and was given permission to do so. However, I wanted to be able to come back, so I didn’t do it!

The bottom line on Red Sky: If you like topless bars, go elsewhere. If you prefer tapas bars, come here. They have been here for ten years, so they must be doing something right in the competitive East Cobb restaurant business. Save some money and go early on the weekdays to take advantage of their happy hour prices on drinks and food. On the weekends, blow it out and come for the dueling pianos.

Disclaimer time: Because we were invited guests of Red Sky, we did not pay for our meal. Our words, however, are priceless. Thanks to Sarah for making us feel so welcome, Matt for taking good care of the table, and Kaley Volkmann at Green Olive Media for setting up our meal at Red Sky.

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